What are the requirements for applying for the Florence Nkrumah Onny Memorial Scholarship Fund?

  1. All scholarship applicants must be in good standing with no adverse disciplinary action against them.
  2. All awards are tentative subject to final verification of academic records.
  3. Full-time enrollment in a regular Diploma, Top Up or Degree programme is required.
  4. Completion of all assigned and registered credit hours in the chosen programme is essential if the renewal or re-application of the scholarship is to be sought.
  5. Scholarship recipients must maintain the required cumulative weighted average (CWA). Grades are subject to review on a semester by semester basis. For under graduate programmes, any scholarship recipient who earns a CWA of less than 70.00 will automatically forfeit the scholarship.

For graduate programmes students whose grades fall below an “A” – that is 70.00 to 74.00 will automatically forfeit the scholarship scheme.