Message From the President

Warm greetings to you all once again, we are well into the second quarter of 2019 and in particular, I am pleased to note the progressive strides we have made in advancement of the year’s Strategic plan.

As I emphasized in my New Year message, I am confident that our collaborative efforts as staff , faculty and management will go a long way towards helping GTUC fulfill the various goals that have been laid out. Crucially, the realization of the University’s public status remains of paramount importance and I am delighted to inform you that great progress has been made in this regard.

With respect to the GTUC Statutes, which are hugely important to the future governance of the University, the Statute Review Committee has been working tirelessly to produce an effective working document and later this month will submit a final document to Council for ratification. In terms of Academic matters, this year has already seen remarkable advancements in the area of our Transnational Education partnerships, and just in the past month, we have managed to renew our already burgeoning partnership with Anhalt University in Germany, and in line with this we have introduced two new Masters programmes.

In addition to this, the University has engaged in very promising discussions to establish a new partnership with Ghent University in Belgium, with a view to introducing Post graduate programmes in the areas of Computer Science, Technology and Engineering. Without a doubt, these developments will not only go a long way towards raising the Universities profile both locally and abroad, but it will also serve to highlight the dynamic and uniquely developed academic experience that GTUC has to offer.

As we enter into a critical part of the year I urge all members of the University community to bear in mind the challenges we currently face, and as we prepare to embark on our annual recruitment drive activities I would like to encourage all involved to put in their best efforts and be mindful of the fact that our efforts in recruiting new students are arguably the most integral function of the University.

I end by acknowledging all staff , faculty and management for their combined efforts in the day to day operation of the University and I am confident that as you endeavor to continue in the same vein, there is no doubt that GTUC will continue to flourish and scale even greater heights.

Thank You

Ag. President, GTUC,
Prof. Emmanuel Ohene-Afoakwa