MSc Information and Communication Technologies (with Aalborg University, Denmark)

About the Programme

MICT is a collaborative programme between Ghana Technology University College and Aalborg University in Denmark. MICT is designed to meet the growing needs of engineers and high level personnel in information & communication technology and telecommunications industries. The aim of the programme is to give participants cross- disciplinary qualifications within the key areas related to Information and Communication Technologies.

The curriculum is carefully put together to be attractive both to the ICT engineer and to people working with ICT applications in related institutions.

Modules under the programme are:

  • Project based learning and report writing
  • Requirement specifications
  • Product Technology (PT)
  • Network technologies
  • Future broadband and mobile networks
  • Internet technologies & applications
  • Product Realization Technologies (PRT)
  • ICT services and applications
  • Business and Application Technologies (BAT)
  • ICT market and regulation
  • Theme: ICT applications and software development
  • Product Technology (PT)
  • Technology convergence
  • Security and privacy
  • Product Realization Technologies (PRT)
  • Object-oriented software development
  • Mobile application development
  • Interaction design
  • Business and Application Technologies (BAT)
  • Strategy and ICT in organizations
  • Theme: ICT Business and Market
  • Business and Application Technologies (BAT)
  • Information & network economics
  • E-Business Patents and Standards
  • Techno-economics of infrastructures
  • ICT for Development

Entry Requirements

A first degree with a minimum grade point average of 2.2 in a Computer Engineering, Information Technology, Computer Science, Engineering, Computing, Information Systems, Computer Systems Engineering, Information Studies or related field from an accredited university or college.

Programme fee

Ghanaians – US  $18,000.00 International Students – US $18,000.00

Why should I choose this programme?

  • To take advantage of opportunities in the growing and dynamic ICT field.
  • Effectively manage strategic level management position with ICT concern, combining technology, management and business aspects
  • Equip students with capacity to deliver innovative ideas and solutions for competitive advantage
  • Expand knowledge in information and database systems and provides the technology needed to support management decision-making.

Career Prospects

After a successful completion of the programme, a graduate should be able to perform in career fields such as:

  • Developers, designers, and/or project managers
  • Solution Engineers
  • Software Development Managers
  • Quality Assurance Managers
  • Database Managers
  • Network/Systems Managers
  • Data Communications Managers


For further information, please contact:

Graduate Admissions Office Ghana Technology University College (GTUC) Tel: 0302- 917152, 0302-969020, 0302-969030 Mobile: 0202698352, 0202698353 Kumasi campus: +233(0)3221-92373, 0202698214 Koforidua campus: 0202625760, 0202625761 Email: or