Fees Schedule 2013/2014

Undergraduate Programmes – Fees Per Semester

Fresh Students

Ghanaians Non-Ghanaians
BSc Telecommunications Engineering GH¢1,700.00 US$1,800.00
BSc Computer Engineering GH¢1,700.00 US$1,800.00
BSc Information Technology GH¢1,700.00 US$1,800.00
Bachelor of Business Administration GH¢1,200.00 US$1,000.00
Diploma in Telecommunications Engineering GH¢1,700.00 US$1,800.00
Diploma in Information Technology GH¢1,700.00 US$1,800.00

Continuing Students – Bachelors (Level 100 Second Semester to Level 400)

Ghanaians Non-Ghanaians
BSc Telecommunications Engineering0.00 GH¢1,606.00 US$1,742.00
BSc Computer Engineering GH¢1,606.00 US$1,742.00
BSc Information Technology GH¢1,606.00 US$1,742.00
Bachelor of Business Administration GH¢1,106.00 US$942.00

Continuing Students – Diploma (Level 100 Second Semester to Level 200)

Ghanaians Non-Ghanaians
Diploma in Telecommunications Engineering GH¢1,606.00 US$1,742.00
Diploma in Information Technology GH¢1,606.00 US$1,742.00


Settlement of Tuition Fees

Fresh students are required to pay full semester fees before or during registration. Payment must be made with abankers draft at the Accounts Receivable unit of the Finance Office. This will facilitate smooth registration. Continuing students are required to pay at least 60% of their fees on or before the day of registration. Failure to pay the required 60% percent by the end of second week after the beginning of the semester in question will attract a penalty of GH¢200.00.