BSc. Mobile Computing

Aim of the Program

This program seeks to equip graduates with the skills and attributes needed for professional practice and leadership in Mobile Computing technologies. It provides sound foundations in Mobile communications theory, technical expertise and knowledge of professional practice, whilst also developing academic literacy, advocacy skills and social awareness so that graduates become life-long learners and effective citizens in many different capacities.

The program aims to utilize both work experiences and academic curriculum structure, giving in-depth knowledge that makes it competitive and up-to-date with similar cutting-edge programs. The core studies in Mobile computing are combined with technical Internet technologies offerings that can be tailored to individual specializations in computing and information systems.

Objectives of the Program

The program is designed to equip students with the following:

  • An in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of Internet and mobile communications technologies;
  • The skills to evolve into self-learners who have the necessary foundations to continue to update their expertise;
  • The ability to develop as creative learners who can work with abstract ideas and implement them in a practical environment;
  • The necessary knowledge and skills in mobile and Internet technologies requisite to function in a variety of professional ICT roles.
  • Gain skills and knowledge leading to future career path as mobile computing and communications professionals
  • Gain skills to develop mobile applications.
  • Gain knowledge and understanding of a broad range of recent trends in the mobile computing field with a broad variety of skills spanning from the mobile devices to networking.

Structure of the programme


Semester 1 Semester 2

Course TitleCodeCreditsCourse TitleCodeCredits
Principles of ProgrammingIT-1013High-level Language Programming (C++)[1]IT-1023
Microcomputer Systems & ApplicationsIT-1333Introduction to Information SystemsIT-1243
Discrete MathematicsMA-1713Introduction to Information Technology LawIT-1522
Computational MathematicsMA-1733Probability & StatisticsMA-1763
Functional FrenchFR-1712Technical Communication Skills IEL-170 2
Moral & Ethics IME-1732Functional French[2]FR-1722
Sociology of TechnologyST-1752Digital ElectronicsDE1733

[1] Pre-requisite of IT-102 (IT101)

[2] Pre-requisite of FR-172 (FR-171)


Semester 1 Semester 2

Course TitleCodeCreditsCourse TitleCodeCredits
African StudiesAF-2712JAVA Programming[3]IT-2043
Technical Communication Skills IIEL-2752Algorithms & Data Structures[4]IT-2063
Systems Analysis & DesignIT-2213Open Source Operating Systems[5]IT-2143
Computer ArchitectureIT-2313Database Design & Management I[6]IT-2223
Data CommunicationsIT-2413Digital Computer DesignIT-2323
Foundations of Multimedia and web designingIT-2453Network Communications [7]IT-2423
Basic EconomicsIT-3732


Semester 1 Semester 2

Course TitleCodeCreditsCourse TitleCodeCredits
Mobile Application DevelopmentMC-3113Application development with java MEMC-3203
Principles of wireless & Mobile NetworkingMC-3133Heterogeneous and mobile databasesMC-3223
Mobile operating systemsMC-3153Mobile interaction designMC-3243
Principles of Accounting & ManagementIT-3713Software Reliability & Quality AssuranceIT-3063
Artificial IntelligenceIT-3143Research MethodsIT-3943
Industrial Training (Internship)IT-3923Principles of EntrepreneurshipIT-3723

[3] Pre-requisite of IT-204 (IT101)

[4] Pre-requisite of IT-206 (IT171)

[5] Pre-requisite of IT-214 (IT231)

[6] Pre-requisite of IT-222 (IT124)

[7] Pre-requisite of IT-242 (IT241)


Semester 1 Semester 2

Course TitleCodeCreditsCourse TitleCodeCredits
Security in Mobile ComputingMC-4113Social Media and NetworkingMC-4223
Mobile MultimediaMC-4123Cloud Computing and Mobile ApplicationsMC-4243
Fundamentals Ubiquitous ComputingMC-4133Electronic CommerceIT-4623
System’s AdministrationIT-4133Management Information SystemsIT-4643
Legal & Ethical Use of Information TechnologyIT-4513Project Work IIIT-4984
Project Management CommerceIT-4633
Project work IIT-4971