The Student Affairs Unit promotes and supports student learning and development and is responsible for enhancing the quality of student life on campus. We help students overcome obstacles that may impede their ability to have a successful and enjoyable student experience.

We provide opportunities for students to transition successfully into the university environment, as well as equipping them for the rigours of the corporate world. We also offer mentorship, support and appropriate information to students to create a healthy, conducive and student-centered atmosphere. We aim at providing intellectual, social, physical and professional development to our students through the provision of responsive and accessible services in a caring manner. The Unit is fully committed to the general welfare of all students, continuously endeavouring to foster a spirit of inclusive, unique and meaningful development.

evelyn1 Evelyn Asiedu Head, Student Affairs
Other Support Staff

  • Tesano Campus: Admin Block
  • Tesano Campus: Hostel Block C
  • Abeka Campus: Block A
  • Telephone: 0302 200623
  • E-mail: 
Office Hours
Monday -Friday : 8:00am - 5:00pm

: PMB 100, Accra-North



: +233 302 221 412, +233 302 221 446, +233 302 200 611

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